T-Luxe’s Puppies with the cast of the new movie “Banana Split”!

French bulldogs, Dylan sprouse, liana liberato, Hannah marks, Christina Scherer, French Bulldog puppies, T-Luxe Premier French Bulldogs
Actresses Christina Scherer, Liana Liberato, Hannah Marks, and actor Dylan Sprouse enjoying some “puppy time” on the set at T-Luxe’s Kennel.
Dom Prosciutto, Dylan Sprouse, Magnus the dwarf, T-Luxe premier French bulldogs
Aren’t they so dreamy!? … and we were talking about the dogs lol. Dylan Spouse enjoying some down time with bulldog royalty… Magnus and Dom Prosciutto.
Meagan Kimberly Smith, puppies, T-Luxe Premier French Bulldogs
Actress Megan Kimberly Smith readying to lay one on Oscar!
Haley Ramm, Lenny, Frenchie puppies, Magnus the dwarf, T-Luxe premier French bulldogs.
Too cute! Actress Haley Ramm doting over our little Lenny.
Hannah Marks, May, T-Luxe premier French bulldogs
Love at first sight. Actress Hannah Marks fell head over heels for May 🙂
Christina Scherer, Lucy, Holly, Frenchie puppies, T-Luxe Premier French bulldogs.
Everyone’s in on the action! Haley snapping shots while actress Christina Scherer is loving on sisters, Lucy and Holly.
Liana Liberato, Haley Ramm, Gus, Frenchie puppies, T-Luxe Premier French Bulldogs.
Actress Liana Liberato’s lap is a perfect place to cozy down! We know Gus agrees 🙂
Magnus the dwarf, T-Luxe Premier French bulldogs
And last but not least… celebrity bulldog Magnus the Dwarf!!! Magnus was king for a day in our “Next Level” Kennel.

T-Luxe would like to extend a great big thank you to the producers, cast, and crew of “Banana Split”. It was an absolute pleasure opening our home and kennel to such kind people. A special thanks goes out to Dylan Sprouse for letting us share Magnus for the day! Not only did we make so many new friends, but so did our bulldog family!!!

Meagan Kimberly Smith, Haley Ramm, T-Luxe
premier French bulldogs
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T-Luxe’s Dom P and Lottie with the cast and crew of the new movie “Holly Slept Over”!

Dom P, Lottie, T-luxe on the set of Holly Slept Over, Nathalie and Lottie, Nathalie Emmanuel
Dom and Lottie front and center with lead actors Erinn Hayes, Josh Lawson, and Nathalie Emmanuel
Nathalie Emmanuel, Dom P, Lottie, T-Luxe, Holly Slept Over
Nathalie Emmanuel with T-Luxe’s Dom Prosciutto and Dolce Latte Bleu
Josh Lawson, Dom P, Nathalie Emmanuel, Holly’s Slept Over,
Actor, Josh Lawson, hooking Dom P up with some scratches!
Erinn Hayes, Nathalie Emmanuel, Lottie, Dom P, Holly Slept Over
Nathalie Emmanuel and Erinn Hayes showing some love to Lottie and Dom
Nathalie was so sweet! A little down time relaxing with Ella and our frenchies 🙂
T-Luxe and the Tallarico family extend our sincere appreciation to the producers, cast, and crew of “Holly Slept Over”. A special thank you goes out to James Fazio, who played a major part in making this happen for us. It was such an amazing experience and we met so many wonderful people. Holly Slept Over is due out in spring of 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for our frenchies, Dom P and Lottie, in the movie. Cheers!
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