We have always been a dog loving family. Rich and I both grew up with dogs including Irish Setters, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Yorkies, and mixed breed rescues. I have had experience, as a young adult, successfully breeding boxers which I enjoyed immensely.
While we are serious about breeding French Bulldogs, we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we have created a formal mission statement. However, I can tell you that our goal is to provide high quality, unique, healthy, and happy frenchies to our clients. As a family, we pride ourselves on excellence and honesty in all that we do. Our dogs are part of our family. By bringing one of our frenchies into your life you become part of our extended family. Cheers!
First is our sincere love of the breed. It is our utmost priority to maintain the French Bulldog breed’s integrity, while striving to improve the breed standard. Having successfully bred dogs in the past, we recognize the complexities of bringing healthy frenchie’s into the world. Through extensive research and partnership with Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals and Companion Animal Reproductive Medicine Service we are poised to become world-class French Bulldogs breeders. Lastly, as an ICU nurse I am qualified to provide critical care for my patients and believe that my skill set translates well to our pups.
Breeding practices vary across the world and unfortunately some substandard practices, even here in the “first world”, have been rewarded due to frenchie demand and supply imbalance. While their popularity is rapidly increasing, being difficult to breed, French Bulldog availability hasn’t kept up with this demand. In our view, this lack of “competition” has led to a lack of advancement in practices. This has been compounded by the “rare colors” becoming more and more desirable by many which is attracting big compensation for color over quality. Here at T-luxe, we feel you should be able to have both… dogs of rare color and rare quality!
It starts with the parents. Our foundation dogs speak for themselves. No, not actually but figuratively. They have been hand selected from proud lineages and are beautiful French Bulldogs with excellent confirmation and wonderful demeanor. But that is not enough alone to speak to their quality. They are genetically tested not just for coat color but for genetically inherited diseases. We are going a step beyond by genetically testing all our puppies, so there is no question or doubt regarding the health of your newest family member. Why stop there? Our dogs are organically fed (see our blog post for recipes) and hand raised in our in-home. Not to mention our Next-Level Kennel which doubles as a luxe Frenchie Chateaux and a state of the art whelping spa. Come see it for yourself, we’d love to have you.
Frenchies tend to have a high price tag because of how costly it is to produce a litter. While it depends on how many pups are in a specific litter, it has been estimated that it costs a breeder well over $3300 to bring each puppy into the world. Don’t take our word for it, check out Forbes article and their estimates. If a breeder wishes to go the “extra mile” and obtain a genetic health panel on each pup, as we do here at T-Luxe, base costs per puppy climb up over $3800. Add in time, travel, outreach, services, and all that goes into bringing you “Premier French Bulldogs”……well you get the picture.
The specifics depends on each puppy’s genetic profile. In order to maintain breed integrity, we may elect to offer certain frenchies as a “pet only”. Others pups that we identify as ideal (to potentiate the breed) will come with full breeding rights. In short, our puppies will go to their new homes starting at $6500 and up from there depending on their genetics and characteristics.
We will offer Dom P for in-house breeding, side-by-side insemination (at Cornell) and artificial insemination via shipped frozen semen (directly from Cornell) on a case by case basis. Stud services range from $5000-7500. Contact us directly for further details. Serious inquiries only please.
We will only allow our puppy to go to good homes with loving families. Breeding programs that are not in-home or family-based need not apply. We will need to know a bit about you and your intentions as to reassure us that we are putting our babies into good hands. While we are both trusting and trustworthy people is our responsibility as ethical breeders, so please don’t take it personally. Furthermore, all puppies will be handed to the new owners directly. Yes, even if your a VIP, celebrity, or just very, very busy. Our puppies will never be “shipped” under any circumstance. Lastly, we are a real company and a registered LLC and therefore no need for shady cash transactions. We accept all forms of payment.
While we prefer to have you travel to us in beautiful Central New York and host you in our grand T-Luxe fashion, we will make alternative arrangements on occasion. Such arrangements would fall under our VIP services and can be arranged in select circumstances.
Our services are not limited to anyone and available to all of our clients (at additional expense of course). The way we see it, VIP stands for Very Important Puppy making the process very frenchie-centric. While we don’t have a VIP Services Menu per se, we are very resourceful and pretty much have a “sky’s the limit” approach to life. Chauffeur, private airport arrangements, overnight lodging, onsite overnight accommodations (including glamping- weather permitting), puppy acclimization services, child to child puppy care training, flight nanny service, on-site and off-site celebration arrangements including private chef option…..basically, if you can think it up we will work to make it happen. Bringing home a new family member is a big deal! We get it! We are even working toward T-Luxe Private Flight options for hand delivery to meet the needs of our most demanding clientele. Of course, if your from Syracuse you can always just drive over to pick one up and skip all the hoopla. It’s your call😉

If you have any other questions,

feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below.

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